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  • Richmond Magazine Purveyor Spotlight: Favour Cookie Co.

  • Richmond Magazine Food News: Week of Oct. 14-18

  • “Help to the Shelf” – Richmond Magazine

  • “Growing Successes” – Richmond Magazine

  • “Good Farmers Give us Good Food” – VA Foodie

  • “Rick Hood column: Local foods are essential for healthier mind, body, and soul” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

  • “Urban farms are becoming budding business enterprises” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

  • “Shop Local: How Urban Farming is Complimenting Big Cities” – MSNBC

  • “The Urban Farm Tour is Highlighting Richmond’s City Farmers” – RVA Mag

  • “Creating a Better Future Through Food” – Grid Magazine

  • “LOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT: Growing in Richmond,” Natural Awakenings

  • “Real Local RVA: Local Farmers and Restaurants Partner Up to Thrive” – American Express – by Phaedra Hise

  • “Avengers Assemble” – Richmond Magazine – by Bird Cox

  • “Real Local RVA: Coming together to make it happen” – RVA News by Stephanie Ganz

  • “Real Local RVA Gets Off the Ground” – Style Weekly – by Brandon Fox

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